Bernadette O'Reilly

I set up Luca Media in early 2008. Not great timing, as unbeknownst to me, many countries were already several quarters on the path to recession. But hopefully, longer term, starting out at the bottom of a cycle will be worth it.

I had just completed 3 years in London at (IAC Inc) , where I learnt all about the Internet as Director of Commercial Development (I stepped back from my acquired "C" level status to do this). At I was responsible for commercial strategy development, revenue management and commercial operations. I really enjoyed working with cross functional teams in San Francisco, New York and London, building out the infrastructure for a scaleable global online revenue business across search, display, email etc.

After Ask, whilst considering what to do next, digital colleagues confided the difficulty of sourcing advice from people who understand the commercial and operational dependencies within online/offline businesses – hence the launch of Lucamedia. After some early work with established players like The BBC and The Economist, I have concentrated on "growth" by working with entrepreneurial platforms, investors and digital start ups across sectors, developing value propositions.

My original business apprenticeship was in the sophisticated management and trading of an expensive and sought after commodity, UK TV commercial airtime. I worked for the then market leader Thames Television (largest ITV company) where I honed my communications/sales/marketing/management skills for 15 years, ultimately responsible for 25% of their revenue. Recently, I updated and broadened my expertise by adding in the management and commercial trading of online businesses, an increasingly complex and automated area. I stay focused on developments by working with new businesses in social, e-commerce, and all other revenue streams.

I have always been on the edge of development, and by default an early adopter of new technologies/services. My first Internet business experience in 1998-2000, as Project Director for u>, a planned pay per view service. This was all ahead of time, but now Love Film (Amazon) and NetFlix are developing in this space, and I continue to be interested in this developing sector.

Looking ahead across the next decade, and taking forward my senior management experience I am interested in senior business/digital strategy advisory roles/projects.

  • balancing all customer groups to maintain optimum performance
  • digital M&A
  • digital developments in emerging markets
  • development for media/content businesses
  • digital advice to FTSE 250 companies and other leading global businesses
  • ongoing mentoring to selected start ups