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I attended the IBM Smart Camp Euro Finals for the best tech Start Ups in 2014 at Level39, Canary Wharf, London, last week. The 2 winners,, and, go through to represent Europe at the world finals in the USA in 2015.

I was at the first IBM Smart Camp in London 5 years ago, in the early stages of my interest in the UK start up scene. I have had my "pause button" pressed in for a little while, so I was curious to see how things had moved on in the interim up to 2014. The first IBM Smart Camp in London was supportive of IBM's "Smarter Planet" business philosophy, and it still is. ( But today the focus appears to be more specifically aligned to their Data/Cloud/Engagement skills, expertise and services, with less top line emphasis on Sustainability, or City Development, than back in 2009. Now, the support is more about rolling up the sleeves to help with Data/Cloud/Engagement issues to validate and refine business propositions to help grease the wheels of these fledgling businesses. Smart Camp, is a great programme for Start Ups, offering terrific global technical support and $120k of free cloud usage, and introductions to their global network of Mentors (called Enterprise Client Connections). The IBM Entrepreneurial Team of Jenny Tydeman, Kevin Farrar, Caroline Taylor, and Angela Bates in the UK, have diligently and successfully developed their Smart Camp programme into a leading position amongst many other Accelerators in London over the past 5 years, together with their USA colleagues like Coleen Hayes, who was over here on the UK/Europe side of the Atlantic last week.

Vicky Brock, Leader of, who gave the Key Note Speech last week, is a great example of super B2B success. She holds the title of "Everywoman Tech of The Year",, as well as being winner of Tech All Stars Europe,, for her work helping large ecommerce retailers to make firm sales. She set the scene and the pace for Contenders and the audience as well.

The contenders at IBM Smart Camp Euro Finals 2014 were:-


A UK Finalist, Naveed and Samiya Parvez offer a new orthotics service for disabled children, which has reduced the production of orthotics from 28 weeks to 48 hours through the use of 3D printing technology. Although not a winner of this event, they received an "Honourable Mention".

A business founded by Russian, Dmitry Lazarenko, which builds public and private Clouds running on IBM software, and competes with Google and Amazon

A B2C business, presented by 2 Polish Founders, Jakub Kujawski and Piotr Pawlak. A brilliant idea to create a platform, from which anyone can build a mobile app in 2 mins. Actually it took them 4 minutes, but let's not split hairs! Think for Mobile Apps. A deserved winner. Good luck in the USA in 2015.

A Danish software company that makes cloud based financial trading products. They won the "Peoples Choice Award". Smart Camp was streamed live, so I am assuming that a large part of the audience came from the financial community, and since Financial Traders are Magick's target audience, it's not a surprise that they received the largest public vote.


A Spanish energy efficiency business that helps you to manage your home energy usage, within the "Internet of Things" sector, shared with Nest,, owned by Google and Hive,, owned by British Gas. Momit is Founded by Miguel Sanchez, with Simon Crane assisting with global sales.

Momit is inspired by the fusion of your Mom (Mum/Mama/Mother) and IT, because in Miguel's home, it was his Mom who nagged him about energy use. But at home, it's my Husband who nudges us, so perhaps the title Momit, is a bit of an old stereotype! Anyway, Momit is a service, providing home gadgets that measure all energy use at home, and how you use it, providing usage data to your mobile, via the cloud. A sort of home energy dashboard! I can only imagine the number of rows that this would start, and the thought occurs to me that life is just too short to get this micro at home. Do consumers really want this much detail? Does the value proposition stack up long term? Be careful what you wish for! I think it is a long way down my wish list, but maybe I'll be "eating my hat" in a few years.

Sergio Loureiro, who I think is Portuguese, is CEO of, with a fine technology pedigree from Internet security. His business provides elastic security for enterprises in The Cloud. Think of a security solution to all those personal photos held on the cloud. He is already a partner to Amazon, so things are looking good for Sergio.

Founder and CEO Gianluca Treu's business offers value from social media for B2C client companies, with a special emphasis on digital agencies.

In the break, I talked with Gianluca, and told him of other social companies I know, Also,

A German business Founded Philipp Walz CEO, and Michael Loehr CTO. Tiramizoo radically simplified and optimised the management of delivery solutions to provide same day delivery to ecommerce retailers in large European metropolitan areas. Great customer service, and perhaps a product differentiator for etailers, whose customers are prepared to pay for it and want this extra service. Uber, Amazon and Ebay (Shuttle, Postmates) are experimenting with these services. Not very sustainable, if the end result is more vans on the roads delivering parcels.

An Israeli business - they are so good at technology. Alon Melchner is President and Founder, and the proud winner of this competition, who together with goes forward to the USA in 2015. Like Kinetise, Wakingapp offers a platform, but in this case it is an Augmented Reality toolkit and content platform. Alon was originally inspired to design a storybook for his little child using augmented reality, what a lucky baby! Eventually, further down the development loop, he decided not to design bespoke solutions for individual client accounts, but rather offer out his toolkit that allows any technical creative to make use of the wakingapp toolkit, and to develop out a content platform from this. Even I could build interactive dinosaurs into my presentations! Everyone who was at Smart Camp knows what I mean. Good luck to for the global finals in 2015.

Thanks to everyone at IBM and all the competing companies for a great afternoon. It's so interesting to keep a watching brief on new businesses, and to stay on the bleeding edge of technology developments. I'm off to an event called, "How to build a Smart City" in December, and you never know how the dots are going to be joined together, and where this will lead. It's all quite a long way down the road from my media/Internet career, but one has to keep moving.

I'm intrigued to review how Start Up candidates at all Accelerators across several entrepreneurial platforms in London, have progressed or are progressing since 2009, remembering that, apparently, it takes 7 years, usually, to grow into a "Unicorn" (read my earlier post Searching for Unicorns). But more on this another time. 21st Century Growth Ad Monsters adconion Agillic amazon AOL apps aQuantive BallouPR BBC Online behavioural science Bladerston Capital blog-ola Bloggers blogosphere Bootlaw Brainient Brandcast Media BSkyB Channel 4 Charlotte Street Hotel Ciklum City Am Claire Paterson COADEC Codility CognitiveMatch com comscore inc Comufy Cowboy Ventures customers David Cameron digital Digital London digital marketing digital revolution bubble Doubleclick e-commerce Eagle Eye Ebay Email Eric Schmidt Erply EU cookie legislation Eyewonder Facebook FaceBook FCC Figaro Flattr Forrester FT Games General Motors generator global economic crisis Google Google+ Group M Professor Hargreaves Hulu i-level IAB IBC IBM SmartCamp independent Innovation Warehouse InSkin Media Inspire Conference IP ITV kinetise Launch 48 location targeting technology Luca Media martin sorrell MashUP* Microsoft Mind Candy MoshiMonsters Multiple channels Naked Play Neo@Ogilvy Netflix Now For The Long Term Ogilvy online danger online sales Online T's & C's online video Oodle OpenX Orange Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations Parag Khanna PatientKnowsBest people Policy Exchange; smart cities ; GLA; Catapault; Bristol Futures; UK Broadband: Camden Council; Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis Postmates process Propel London Proximity London PWC recession revenue Rory Sutherland Seedcamp Shuttle Sky SkyPlus social marketing ROI social marketing systems social media Social networks Soundcloud Spotify Start Ups Stephen Shakespeare Stradbroke Advisors Sunday Times Tech Hub TechCity Techcrunch techcrunch Tess Alps The Europa awards ThinkBox Timesonline TV Genius Tweets Twitter Uber UCL; Sharing Economy; Love Home Swap; unknown unknowns;;; UK Trade & Industry Unanimis Unicorn Club User behaviour VAST web security Webinar White Bear Yard wordpress WPP Yieldex YouTube Zeebox Zonerider