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Last night I tuned into a great webinar, organised by the Click Z Network, and presented by Dave Evans, an Author on social media amongst other things. It was a very informative overview of how social media enhances the branding awareness, consideration and purchase cycle through word of mouth, and how powerful this can be in B2B and B2C markets for both positive recommendations of products and services, remembering that word of mouth can be negative too, Social Media is fulfilling Tim Berners Lee's original dream for the Internet, of a more collective, participative and less interruptive medium. He gave several examples of the type of experimental work that is taking place. The innovation is incredible, and very exciting. Before attending this, I had read a couple of negative comments regarding social media, here's a couple of examples:,

It was so refreshsing to hear Dave's presentation. There is huge potential to develop business through the use of social media platforms. It needs dedicated understanding and management in it's own right, and it is very early days for this sector.

If you believe in marketing principles as I do, then marketeers will find ways to engage with consumers which will accelerate the social media marketplace rapidly over the next few years. I'm going to read his book over the Christmas/New Year holiday, so more later. 21st Century Growth Ad Monsters adconion Agillic amazon AOL apps aQuantive BallouPR BBC Online behavioural science Bladerston Capital blog-ola Bloggers blogosphere Bootlaw Brainient Brandcast Media BSkyB Channel 4 Charlotte Street Hotel Ciklum City Am Claire Paterson COADEC Codility CognitiveMatch com comscore inc Comufy Cowboy Ventures customers David Cameron digital Digital London digital marketing digital revolution bubble Doubleclick e-commerce Eagle Eye Ebay Email Eric Schmidt Erply EU cookie legislation Eyewonder FaceBook Facebook FCC Figaro Flattr Forrester FT Games General Motors generator global economic crisis Google Google+ Group M Professor Hargreaves Hulu i-level IAB IBC IBM SmartCamp independent Innovation Warehouse InSkin Media Inspire Conference IP ITV kinetise Launch 48 location targeting technology Luca Media martin sorrell MashUP* Microsoft Mind Candy MoshiMonsters Multiple channels Naked Play Neo@Ogilvy Netflix Now For The Long Term Ogilvy online danger online sales Online T's & C's online video Oodle OpenX Orange Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations Parag Khanna PatientKnowsBest people Policy Exchange; smart cities ; GLA; Catapault; Bristol Futures; UK Broadband: Camden Council; Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis Postmates process Propel London Proximity London PWC recession revenue Rory Sutherland Seedcamp Shuttle Sky SkyPlus social marketing ROI social marketing systems social media Social networks Soundcloud Spotify Start Ups Stephen Shakespeare Stradbroke Advisors Sunday Times Tech Hub TechCity Techcrunch techcrunch Tess Alps The Europa awards ThinkBox Timesonline TV Genius Tweets Twitter Uber UCL; Sharing Economy; Love Home Swap; unknown unknowns;;; UK Trade & Industry Unanimis Unicorn Club User behaviour VAST web security Webinar White Bear Yard wordpress WPP Yieldex YouTube Zeebox Zonerider